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Suggested by rialtos

13th October 05



Oh no, don't laugh!




Authentic Greek Marble Sphinx, 400BC. NO/RES.



From rialtos again

10th November


Oh no, not another one!


Bid with confidence, we have been in the antiquity business for almost 30 years.

Authenticity unconditionally




These brought to my attention this evening by  jensen

2nd October 2005


One of these actually sold to someone here, a member of this website, a few weeks ago. Or rather, he became a member after he bought this!

He sent it back and got his money refunded.

These seller's are making a mockery of eBay!

And of you and me.

Many of us keep telling eBay...but they take not a blind bit of notice.



Seller on eBay lost_civ


Buy with confidence we are ebay Power seller, ebay id verified and A square trade Verified Seller !


Type Ancient Egypt Statue of Sennefer and Senay New Kingdom


Auction Estimate  2400-2500 USD

Culture-Period  Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18   Suggestive

Appearance Dating  1279 BC-1212 BC

Origin  Land of the Pharaohs Egypt, Upper Egypt

Size  Height 15.1cm(6inch)x wide 8cm(3 1/8inch)xdepth 7.3cm( 3 7/8 inch)

Composition  Stone





Seller on eBay ancientgr4

On auction is an ancient Egyptian prince Sennefer and princess Senay setting with they daughter, very good details and very cute hieroglyphics in the back, Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. It is a very attractive, rare and very hard piece to find.  We acquired this item many weeks ago from a private collection and we're told that this item was found in Lower Egypt.


You must ..BID NOW.. and DON'T LOSE The Opportunity To Acquire This Piece!


Period : Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

Origin : Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes

Material : Hard Stone

Physical : 6.5/8 inches Tall (17 cm), 3.4/8 inches Wide (9 cm) and 3.5/8

inches Depth (9.3 cm)

Weight : 3.5 lbs - 1.6 kg

Estimation Value : $4500 - $5000



Both of course are terrible fakes!!


These marks are not hieroglyphs.....they are just odd shapes and squiggles!

Below is the real Sennefer and Senay.

In the Egyptian museum in Cairo.





I think that you will see right away what aesthetic mastery the Egyptians achieved!


They simply did not produce ugly things.


This is one of the very few Egyptian works of art ever to be signed by its artists, Amenmes and Djed-Khonsu, whose names can be read in the vertical inscription on the left hand side of the seat.


The last image below is of bookends which can be purchased for about $35

They are about the same size as these things


It has been illegal since 1983 (and a serious offence indeed!) to export any antiquities from Egypt .


You can try to report this to eBay but you will find the response disappointing.

I and a lot of other collectors have been trying try to get these many  sellers of forgeries thrown off eBay.


eBay takes no notice at all!





And another one!

16th November




Or are there several sources of very much the same thing??



7th March 2006

And yet another version....


And then the same piece again a few months later.

From the same mould.

This time the seller makes the pics slightly green.




   From pontivs_pilatvs

10th March 2006

And another!!


Note that everything here with this seller is fake.

He has sold these before , using a different ID, before he was thrown off eBay.


And another!


One with a nice  bit of false ageing.




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