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24th October 2006

Oh dear!

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   From Roger

2nd Jan 2007

I put together a few links to websites that I have found very useful in my personal research on bronze artefacts.


Pdf File Technology and Provence of Metals"Study and papers on Metallurgy in Brooches and Artefacts"
Journal of the American Institute of Conservation.
"Examination of the patina and corrosion morphology of some roman bronzes".

Bronze Disease;  Understanding & Treatment.

"From Brons website."

Conservation of Cupreous Metals.

"Chemistry of copper alloy corrosion and treatment."

Pdf File: Bronze Disease: Understanding, Curing and Preventative Treatment
J"ason Sanchez & Dr Ken Harl (American Numismatic Society)"


This table  that I loaded up on a word file is from

The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art- Treatment Repair and Restoration

By H.J.Plenderleith & A.E.A. Werner.The act of keeping or state of been kept from injury or decay.


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23rd March 2007

I just came across this in one of Richard Hattat's books and think it's worth placing here  for sake of completeness.