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Three large fragmentary tablets which were found together. These are ruled tablets which are not common. They are Middle or Old Babylonian rather than the much more commonly found URIII administrative documents.

The one at the bottom of the photo is 115mm across.






They are ledger accounts for amounts of barley and other foods along  with the names of individuals who get the food.


8/9.5 (N)

Very interesting UR III tablet within envelope.  50mm x 46mm.

Receipt of 4 shekels of gold by Enua from the merchant Turam-Ili.

The tablet shows the sealings of the seal of Enua, scribe , son of Ea-damqar on al four side edges and another less clear, on the obverse face.

This is a very interesting tablet from a known and published archive of tablets and I encourage you to read the interesting paper by Steven J Garfinkle about this archive, which throws light upon the merchant community of which Turam -Ili was a member.




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