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9.15 (a) (N)

A small but interesting ED IIIa administrative tablet being a receipt for pickled meat (su-la2) by several persons. One is named Nam-ti. The other name is difficult to read; possibly LAL2(?).GESH.GA.TE. (The spoken order of the signs not necessarily as written in this period.)

35mm x 26mm





9.30. o (N)

A double sided fragment from an UrIII administrative tablet which lists amounts of barley , textiles , pig feed and possibly ewes (part of the writing missing so not possible to be sure) disbursed to a person called Daga; but is particularly interesting  in that the dating crosses over from one year to the next. It mentions the year names for Amar-Suen, years 6  and 7.


Although Amar-Suen succeeded his father Shulgi (2112-2004) and ruled as the third king of Ur III dynasty for a period of nine-years (2046-2038), little is known about him. He is not mentioned in economic texts that date to his father's reign, and the only documents that specifically mention Amar-Suen by name and that date to his reign are building inscriptions.

The relevant year names are:

6a. mu us2-sa en-unu6-gal-an-na en-dinanna unuki-ga ba-hun Year after the year: "Enunugalanna was installed as en-priest of Inanna in Uruk"

6b. mu damar-dki a-ra23ki mu-hul Year: "Amar-Suen, the king, destroyed Shashrum for the second time and Shurudhum"

7a. mu us2ki ba-hul Year after the year: "Shashrum was destroyed"

7b. mu damar-dsuen lugal-e bi2-tum-ra-bi2-umki i3-ab-ruki ma-da ma-da-bi u3 hu-uh2-nu-riki mu-hul Year: "Amar-Suen, the king, destroyed Bitum-rabium, Jabru, their territories and Huhnuri"




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