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8.9 (1) (N)

An interesting URIII tablet being an account of the number of pigs received which lists various types of pigs and their number, additionally, in several places are the named officials who sealed the document. One of them being named Ur-Mes Babati.

22 lines and 24 lines.

128mm x 55 mm

Corner repaired.





9.15 (a) (N)

A small but interesting ED IIIa administrative tablet being a receipt for pickled meat (su-la2) by several persons. One is named Nam-ti. The other name is difficult to read; possibly LAL2(?).GESH.GA.TE. (The spoken order of the signs not necessarily as written in this period.)

35mm x 26mm




9.30. o (N)

A double sided fragment from an UrIII administrative tablet which lists amounts of barley , textiles , pig feed and possibly ewes (part of the writing missing so not possible to be sure) disbursed to a person called Daga; but is particularly interesting  in that the dating crosses over from one year to the next. It mentions the year names for Amar-Suen, years 6  and 7.


Although Amar-Suen succeeded his father Shulgi (2112-2004) and ruled as the third king of Ur III dynasty for a period of nine-years (2046-2038), little is known about him. He is not mentioned in economic texts that date to his father's reign, and the only documents that specifically mention Amar-Suen by name and that date to his reign are building inscriptions.

The relevant year names are:

6a. mu us2-sa en-unu6-gal-an-na en-dinanna unuki-ga ba-hun Year after the year: "Enunugalanna was installed as en-priest of Inanna in Uruk"

6b. mu damar-dki a-ra23ki mu-hul Year: "Amar-Suen, the king, destroyed Shashrum for the second time and Shurudhum"

7a. mu us2ki ba-hul Year after the year: "Shashrum was destroyed"

7b. mu damar-dsuen lugal-e bi2-tum-ra-bi2-umki i3-ab-ruki ma-da ma-da-bi u3 hu-uh2-nu-riki mu-hul Year: "Amar-Suen, the king, destroyed Bitum-rabium, Jabru, their territories and Huhnuri"




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