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12. (N)

A very interesting Old Babylonian seal with an Amorite name.


13. (N)

A very attractive Neo Assyrian seal in a white chalcedony.





15. (N)

A nice lapis seal with the Imdugud bird.

In different myths, the lion-headed Anzu or Imdugud bird was variously a friend of man, or a thief who stole the Tablet of Destinies. Its wing-beats caused sandstorms, and its beak was like a saw. The bird was killed/tamed by Ninurta/Ningirsu, and thereafter became one of his attendants

19. (N)

A nice Akkadian seal in fossil shell.



8/11 . (N) A blue-black stone Neo Assyrian seal showing a winged solar disc above a sacred treeand three worshippers. Very similar to a seal in Dominique Collon's book. 23mm x 12mm. Note by the late Prof W G Lambert.



Compare the style with this one in the Louvre.



And the one in Collon.