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From Titus

5th July '10

 I have a bronze jug with a long spout in my collection. I inherited the piece in 1969 from my uncle, a scholar of ancient history, living in the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, the old roman town of Noviomagus.


I have data of a comparable example found in Nijmegen, but with a handle in the shape of a panther, and two examples found in Germany and Italy.


The patina is good and to my knowledge the vase might be older than first century anno dei. There is ancient repair at the bottom with thin bronzeplate, that might indicate that it once was a hotwater kettle or used at a funural ceremony? Three bronze needles stuck inside the body, and still visible, suggest ancient leakage-repair as well, or repair after it was casted, because of leakage.


Height is at some19,5 centimeters with the head. Weight, 1.4 kilogram. Visible inside, chalky residue. Ballance in handling, if you put your thumb to the head, excellent.


Could it be Ceres on the handle, holding her chiton?





From Steve.

5th July '10


 Is he holding anything in either hand?  Is that a sword or ? down by his left hand? Without real attributes or more recognizable facial features, I can't tell.

Also I can't tell  if that's supposed to be a flowing cape behind him; it's possibly some version of the iconographic Thracian warrior/hero/rider.  Emphasis on "possibly."  

It's tough because the shape of the handle prevents any sort of expansive pose or movement, which might give more clues.  Like those latches in the shape of Aphrodite Anadyomene.  There's no room for contrapposto (delicious with garlic bread) and everything is "reined in" to fit the stick-like format of the latch.


Methinks we need more photos. I will ask Titus.

Here they are: and also a publication of a parallel piece.






From Steve


What I saw from the previous photos , was a slightly bearded (!) young man with a flowing cape and a short sword at his side, possibly a Thracian warrior.


What Titus sees (and he has the thing!) is a female in a chiton, possibly Ceres.


I think we first need to agree on what the SEX is before trying to attribute it!


Although I no longer think "it" has a slight beard, I still feel it's more a male youth than a female goddess.  I don't see the suggestion of breasts and the hair doesn't seem female.


Also, I'm still wondering about the clenched fist.  Is it just a "cheat" because of the narrow design, or is he/she clutching something?


Ttius tends to see the figure as female. 


He has sent a scan regarding anither example of this type of quite unsusual cut away spouted jug.




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