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Peter asks:

I found this item also on Ebay. It looks original, Roman, but I cannot find any similar items on the net. It is bronze, with horn like protrusions. The item looks like scales, but with 2 horizontal bars, and the rod through the center has it's hole on the underside instead of the upside. If you hold the center rod either way, it's not balanced, so scales do not seem to be the solution. Also, the N shaped horizontal bar has a hole on both of its arms. In 1 of them, there is still part of a bronze ring.


The centre rod is 52 mm and from nob to nob its 136 mm.


Parts of this item reminds me of examples I have seen of Roman standards (Vexillum). Although this artifact is fairly small, looking at the examples, there were many that were not that wide either. What do you think? I would like to know the ideas of others



Dece. 2018

Not ancient , rather antique, but Rox asks if anyone recognises this as a known script.

The piece is 2 inches x 1.5 inches.

Was acquired in Iran.