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    holygrail asks

20th August 06

If this  "shabti" he bought on eBay is genuine.




Two things I'd like to say.

From the general outline on can see I think one can be pretty sure the thing is not genuine.

Secondly, when sellers on eBay present such lousy pictures, you  can safely assume that it's deliberate.

Have a look here after you have read below.


All one needs  to do is what the seller could have done; save the pic to your pc and apply some lightening in any simple photo-editor.


Then one can see!!






An indeed it is  now clear; not a genuine  shabti.

Look at that shape, very common in fake shabtis; and look at the nonesense which is suposed to be hieroglyphs.

Here is the result of a quick look at eBay today.

There are very few genuine shabtis there.

These are some of the fakes.

There is a passing similarity in form and  content don't you think? (Apart from the few really grotesque fantasies and the  couple of slightly better fakes.)

I jave left the pic unaltered; if you cannot quite see because the pic is blurred or dark, that's because the seller would prefer that you do not see!



From Ramon Jnr

21st August 06

Not asking; simply alerting

Same mould ? 260023738194 280019449916


Yep. I rather expect that we will see more of them soon.

Same supplier.




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