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Someone asks about this 'heart scarab' (which as it appeared in an antiquities dealers catalogue was sold honestly and in good faith).


But is it what it claims to be?


The scarab itself might be genuine.

But the inscription is added later. It's very badly done.

Heart scarabs do not have such inscriptions of course and when they are inscribed they bear versions of  part of the chapter/ spell 30B from the Book of The Dead. Also  a royal heart scarab would be extremely finely made, not like this one!

 The original dealer's catalogue says it is for Amenhotep III.

It reads Men Maat Re , which is Seti I not Amenhotep II, who is Neb Maat Re.

And the seated figure of Maat has the Ankh on her knees missing.

The flanking feathers are very badly done and so is the extraneous Nub gold sign at the bottom. 


All rather strange as the dealer in question ( very long time retired) generally knew what she was doing. Used to have a gallery in New York.


Some  very bad  fakes of heart scarabs from a seller no longer online... set to music!  <HERE>

Nonesense scarabs like these are still available however from another dealer in New York.