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March 2011.

Matt emailed me to tell me he had saved up money from working in the school holidays to buy this shabti which came with a certificate of authenticity. He wanted to check that it was genuine.




Oh dear.

Here is a photo of another from the same group.


Whereas one does indeed find very similar shabtis from the same group, even  from the same mould and in a reasonable number, these are on offer by the same seller.



He did get his refund, but......



On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 6:54 PM, Matthew <edited out> wrote:


i called mr sadigh, and asked if i could send my artifacts back. He said yes, I asked how, then he seemed to get very mad at me he said "JUST SEND THEN BACK, ITS VERY EASY! SEND THEM BACK!" then i said ok ok i will then he said "WELL THEN GOOD BY!" and hung up.


Very unlike the proprieter of this shop according to his "testimonials" on his website!


Letters from our customers:

  •  "Your zeal for the beauty of the ancient world comes shining through in your catalog and correspondence.  Even your prices reflect the fact that you are not wholly in this business for the profit, but to facilitate to others the experience of ancient art. Thank you, then, for your establishment.  In the modern world, individuals like you are rather few" -Bill K.

  • "I must say that as a very small potatoes customer, you have always been fair with me.  I know that you deal with hundreds if not thousands of customers very much better equipped financially than I.  So I particularly want to thank you for your unfailing courtesy, not to mention efficiency, with me" -Ted G., Florida

  • "I received the steatite scarab yesterday and am delighted with it! As usual, your choice was perfect...You have provided me with a new faith that there are still people in business today who genuinely care about their customers" -B.Williamson, Illonois

  •  "Thank you for another year of incredible selection and service.  I never feel like a customer when I call; I feel like a member of the family. " -Linda G.


Some of the other amazing shabtis on that website: all with certificates of authenticity.

  • One of course would expect to see many just about identical pieces on thiis website as the pieces are made in moulds which produce hundreds.

  • But to avoid prospective buye noticing that these are all identical photos are taken of the same pieces  from slightly different angles and the colours changed in PhotoShop.





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