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I have had several people send me images of this  type of tablet  so  have created the link to the  page about them>>>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Someone  asked me about this.

On sale for  $4,295.

Not a specialist antiquities dealer but all the  same Islamic and Roman Empire don't exactly go together.

Islam dates to the 630s  so and date earlier than  that cannot be said to be Islamic.

One can buy the same on eBay!

On eBay described as :


Large Roman style glass phallus

measures: 17 cm x 4 cm

Good condition

Yes, the same factory makes them.


Maybe takes its inspiration from such as this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


circa 2nd-3rd century a.d.
Pale green in color, in the form of a phallus.
9.5/8 in. (24.4 cm.) long

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Nothing like a Roman glass dildo: this one in  London.


Quite a few varieties available , many pretending to be genuine ancient artefacts.


Quite incredible that anyone might think these ancient.

Miight be because if the reasonably well done fake iridescence.


 From  you know  who.... surprise surprise.

Other styles all in glass.

Even  more  unbelievable.

On offer elswhere too.

Though described as "Roman style".

Not exactly a "balsamarium" though.



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