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Someone sent me this photo a while back asking if it is a genuine Roman bronze diploma.



It is not a Roman diploma, but a Sabean inscribed votive plaque from Yemen, South Arabia.  But it is not a genuine one.

These are genuine.


I thought that an odd mistake in the description to make quite apart from whether it was genuine or not.

But  when told where it was seen, all became  clearer.

You will see that there are several available.


Below is how the images are shown on the website.



The pair on the left above are the same inscription.

Look what happens if one rotates the other two by 180 degrees.




You will find many examples of this on that website.



A great number of supposed different pieces on that website are actually the very same fake piece photographed from different angles and then the colours changed in PhotoShop.



Presumably to make less likely that a  buyer will notice that so many of the things are not simply more or less the same but are in fact the same piece!



For example there are only only two different fake shabtis here:


But no problem, you get a Certificate  of Authenticity with each fake you buy!




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