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Someone asked me about these two baboon amulets so I thought I would add them in the appropriate section>>>>>>


Also a question about these seals.

A request to read the inscription on the cylinder seal.

Bought from different websites and both cost quite a lot of money.

The cylinder $3200 very generously reduced from $4000.  The other, "only" $600.

Both came with certificates of authenticity signed by the same "expert".


July 2013.

Someone was thinking of bidding on this but asked me first.


Of course, the  questiion with something like this is how would one "read" it?


User men Re Mer Nt ???

User-Men beloved of Neith????

A private name  or a blundered shorthand writing  for a Ramessid king?

Neither actually!


  • Another seller who sells a great number of "antiquities" on eBay (some actually genuine) says:

All items have been fully researched and are sold with an unconditional Guarantee of Authenticity.  

  • Here it is side by side with several others from the same little factory in Egypt. Modern Egypt that is, not ancient.


Seller informed of this mistake , said "thanks" but didn't remove the listing.


One which is quite possibly from the same factory shown in Franco Magnarini's book.


Strangely this motif, a hawk like bird with mn and mr signs is one of the most popular styles of fake or so called replica scarabs.

The seller may well have bought this fake scarab on eBay as many have been sold: see here>>>> Fake Egyptian scarabs section 2 page 3

See those types above in the group photo with common mn and mr and rudimentary  red crowns?


Several of this style  also for sale on eBay.


  • And several more ( all rather badly made fakes) described as:

  •  Ancient Egyptian Scarab (#8-d) Provenance: This piece is from the personal collection of J. Frank Autry, who edited the book "Excavations at Helwan" that was written by famed Egyptologist Zaki Y. Saad in 1969.     

  • Not quite... ..The excavations at Helwan; art and civilization in the first and second Egyptian dynasties, by Zaki Y. Saad. Edited....... and with a foreword, by J. Frank Autry. Oklahoma : University of Oklahoma Press, cop. 1969.    

  • The "collection" includes these, all from the same workshop .

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