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June 2016

Someone asked me.


I replied by saying take a look here.

And someone who was thinking of bidding on a number of cylinder seals on a leading international auction via eBay asked me for my opinion. He asked me to look at this one first.



Says on the auction listing that it is Middle Assyrian.


Oh dear, oh dear. I don't know where to begin.


See more here from the same sale.


Nobody has asked me yet, but I'll put this here now

Sooner or later someone will ask.


This is a tourist souvenir copied from the wall painting in the tomb of an official, a man called Roy who lived at the end of the 18th dynasty.

His title was  Scribe in the Estates of Horemheb and of Amun, during king Horemheb's reign

His tomb is number 255 in the Theban necropolis at Dra' Abu el-Naga.



Here are more of them from the same shop in  Luxor.


Well, eventually people started to email to ask me....

These, acquired from souvenir sellers in Egypt for a few dollars each are being sold in increasing numbers on eBay by several sellers as ancient.




You will find that all are copied from famous Egyptian tomb wall paintings. The one below from the tomb of Ramesses I.

Must be ok, seen by 'expert".


October 2016

Someone on the Yahoo group asks:


These didn't look right to me, well the Anubis one didn't but the other maybe, can anyone tell me if these were actually genuine or not and examples?

Now see here>>>>>>>