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13th November

Thanks to scarus for sending this one.




Here are another couple from the same seller.

We asked for more details.

Never had any reply!


From Paul

29th December


The eye idols continue to come to the market. Here is the latest; note the new style head gear. A sort of trilobal crown hair do. Comes with a Prof Lambert certification.

Would be nice to find out where they all come from. All the paper and ink seems to be the same , therefore it would appear that somebody took a large number of items to the Prof at once. Or your guess is as good as mine.

I think these pages now have the largest collection of eye idol images anywhere on the net. It will be interesting to see if the supply dries up or continues with differing forms presenting to the market over the next year.


And another.

From the same seller.

Also offered with a authentification document by Professor Lambert. Neither piece is genuine in my opinion.











And here is one in lapis lazuli.  Which I simply don't buy


1 Jan 2006


Another awful fake to start the new year.


10th January 06


Yet more.............

These two from the same seller.




      From Paul

10th January 06

These two are currently being offered by the same seller on eBay. Both have the Lambert handwritten docs. Looks like the same pen and paper as before. The tall pointy hat one does look like the fragmentory ones in the Louvre. The one with breasts......... He also has another with the top hat shaped head gear. It is different from the two I have already posted.



25th May 06

The seller of these pieces has contacted me.

Dear Sir/Madam

After reading an anonymous email we have read the 'Eye Idols Of Tell Brak' on your website and it has occurred to us that you have violated our intellectual property rights. As the rights owner of intellectual property rights, you MUST remove the items in order to meet certain legal requirements, which is a separate issue to authenticity.

This is a separate issue to your inferance that these items may not be genuine even though they have been authenticated by Proffesor Lambert, amongst others. It is our strong belief that these items are genuine and we have taken appropriate steps which have convinced us that this is the case. However, now this has been brought to our attention, we will take further steps to look into the provinance of these and other similar items we have for sale. We would appreciate if you would provide us with any information regarding Proffesor Lambert. Any information provided will be accepted in strict confidence.


  • The seller of these does not, in my opinion, knowingly offer fakes for sale. This seller is clearly innocent of such intention.
  • When I have been contacted by the sellers of outrageous fakes and it is clear that the seller knows that they are ridiculous,  I have not agreed to remove the images.
  • I will be creating further information here about the entire matter of to what extent academic attestation can be relied upon especially in circumstances where where the object is described but not actually stated to be a genuine example of the type. This information will be placed on a separate page.
  • It is of vital importance to all collectors and indeed, as Oscar White Muscarella points out many times in his book it is of importance to archaeology itself.





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