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This is unique.

Said to be an ivory pin, 120 mm and from Tell Brak.

It is unlikely to be genuine.


If the present owner has reliable information about it we would all be more than interested to hear.

A COA is not satisfactory evidence.


I will make enquiries of a number of archaeologists specialising in Near Eastern matters.



Not found anyone who has ever seen anything like it.


13th February 2006

Scarus has provided pictures of this one.

These images are useful.

You can see the marks of modern tools here.

Bear in mind that manywho create fakes attempt to get rid of such tell-tale signs.

But they then leave evidence of their attempts to do just this!






2nd March 2006

The supply seems endless!



2nd May 06

This one offered on eBay but as a reproduction.

Hope that makes some newbies think!



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