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This pair are so similar one might reasonably assume that they are not only from the same workshop but indeed by the same hand. Real or fake?



Not really a problem in coming across a pair of so similar pieces, as the pair below are also very similar, and they are both definitely genuine.


Many museum catalogues describe these plates as having five birds.

(But  not, strictly  speaking , as with this one described

in the Ashmolean Museum, 'ducks')



But here,  on the plates below, are several which seem to be from the same workshop showing different numbers of birds.  The number varies from 4 to 7.

So if we came across this pair of plates seemingly from the same workshop we wouldn't be surprised? Six and seven birds.

And this pair? Again the same workshop. Four and seven birds.

But what do you make of these two below?


In fact what do you make of the first plate I showed at the top of the first page? The birds there go around clockwise rather than anti-clockwise as in all the others you have seen.

Can you find another with the birds going clockwise?


Here we have different colours and styles of birds which are marching anti clockwise but one of them with their feet on the inner circles not the outer and the other with rather different styled birds.


One of these sold at a prestigious international auction house.

So we see that the range of styles and colours is farly wide thouhg the basic form of the bird is fairly standardised.


Where is all this leading to ?