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This is rather sad really.

I stumbled upon it by chance.



It is rather worrying that this fellow was lead to purchase this  after seeing an advertisment in Scientific American! Same seller advertises in the Smithsonian Magazine.




The relevant part of the text if you can't read it in the images.


A couple of weeks ago I was perusing a magazine (either Discover or Scientific American, I cannot recall which one) when I ran across a one-page advert for a company called the Sadigh Gallery. Based in New York, these folks specialize in ancient artifacts.......What particularly caught my eye was the fact that they had some small clay tablets bearing cuneiform symbols.






I (am) Untash-Napirisha, the son of Hubanummenna, the king of Anza and Susa, in order that I have my health and will being and that I have no "heart freezing" bitter disaster, (death) for that reason I build that sanctuary with a Kukkum of Ubqumia and gave it to Inshushinak, the God of Sijankuk. What has been built and improved by me, may it be preserved for me forever by Inshushinak.


That's interesting. wonder where Mr S got that from?

Indeed, he  does sell these.

Odd that the buyer didnt notice he has so many.



You might  notice something odd about this pair of "tablets"

They are well nigh identical except.....




Just a mistake you think?

In fact he offers three types: upside down as well as the  right way  up.




He has so many that he can offer them in group lots.


Sometimes these are shown upside down on the seller's website. On other occasions the same tablet is shown altered in colour by using Photoshop.


He prices them at $300 each.

He sources them here at $15.95 each.




Here is one somepone bought.

He quotes the  same translation.

Well that's what he was told when he  bought  these.



  • He quotes the same translation.

  • In fact even these tablets when sold as "replicas" are not replicas of a known tablet! The so called cuneiform is nonsense.

  • The inscription they quote is from a stamped brick for Untash-Napirisha.

  • Here is an example.

Also appearing on eBay, and also pretending to be genuine.


"Tablets" from  this factory can be bought on eBay for very little money.


Or you could spend $300...