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The seals discussed on this page come from Olaf's great website which you should take a look at.

So these with thanks to Olaf .

Above: Note the strange drilled holes. On most Akkadian seals humans or bullmen are involved in the contest scenes. Animals crossing each other are more common on Early Dynastic seals.  See picture with an authentic seal in Boehmer 1965.


Below: This seal was sold as a Phoenician seal with a pseudo inscription.  Note the scene in the bottom row, the king, his wife and his children. This scene is clearly adopted from Tell el Amarna.


One does ocassionally find Egyptianizing motifs on genuine cylinder seals of the ancient Near East.  But compare the scene with this well known Amarna group.


This seal below imitates the Neo Assyrian "linear style".

There are several strange details on this seal. Please note the dress, the moon opening downwards, the horn and the filling elements. The arrowhead on the left side probably was a failed first attempt. See here also an authentic seal in Moortgat 1940.

Below a man aiming with a bow at an animal or demon. Again a Neo Assyrian scene (late cut style) Please note the long horns (?) the tiny bow and the strange hair. See picture with an authentic seal in Moortgat 1940.

Even  better made forgeries of cylinder seals>>>>