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November 2014


A number of quite well made fake faience amulets appeared on Live auctioneers and eBay.

While many are well modelled there are very obvious surface features which makes them fairly easily identifiable.



Several have been sold on Liveauctioneers and on eBay and no doubt soon  more wil appear.


Some of these  are clearly  from the same source as others other I have come across elsewhere on offer by other sellers.


Always offered as genuine.

The seller calls himself 'Barakat Art Gallery', as indeed that is his name.

But this not the well known antiquities dealer Barakat Gallery in Beverly Hills, London and Abu Dhabi.


The real Barakat Gallery was informed about this other Barakat and this eBay account was closed down.

 But a day later he returned to eBay with a new a new account .


Even COAs with as relatively poorly made as these.


Another found elsewhere. Surely not the produce of the little factory which makes the ‘better pieces’ shown here?




Appreciative (duped ) buyer


 And a COA   even with as unlikely (impossible) a piece as this!


There is a known (very rare) type of Egyptian 'dancer' amulet. 

But it is not this one.


Something almost Pre-Raphaelite about it.

Extremely un-Egyptian!


I suppose possibly inspired by  the famous New Kingdom 'acrobatic dancer' ostracon in the museum in Turin


They turn up from time to time....


The sale went badly.

Maybe collectors are more discerning than the seller had hoped.

Unless of course the seller honestly believes in these.


He appears to have multiples of these as two  were  on eBay on 17th November but the same ones appeared again on his Liveauctioneer auction for Nov 23rd  


Those below with the red dot had apparently already be  sold on eBay but  reappeared.

 For example


But hopefully it should be ok as the seller writes:


All works of art are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and as described, for as long as you own them.
Signed Certificate of Authenticity and Photograph of The Item Included.


Which appears to mean that if the buyers sell them, the next owner has no claim against the first seller.


Although all these are clearly fakes it is really  worth having the photos  available here for new collectors.


I do not  intend explaining  here why it is perfectly clear that these are fakes.

I do no want to  give the manufacturers unintentional advice as to how to make them even better


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