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As I said on the previous page although all these are clearly fakes is worth having the photos  available here for new collectors.


I do not  intend explaining  here why it is clear that these are fakes as I do no want to  give the manufacturers unintentional advice as to how to make them even better.


Some have turned up elsewhere. Always sold as genuine.


From same factory?


A variety of shades of green


The one in the middle above has turned up and actually new photos do look somewhat  convincing.

So I think we must accept that one as genuine.

See comparative pics below.



A variety of surface types





Another of this type with the same odd surface


From the same factory?


Another variant  also  produced as a fake.


One of these sold honestly as a fake.

These sold by another seller as reproductions


And just plain odd!



See what is wrong  here with one below?

Ask me if you don't spot the error

Either an error or copied from  an exceptionally rare amulet.



The fake seatedscribe amulet can  be found here and there from time to time.

And indeed sold honestly as a reproduction/fake as well.


Worth taking a closer look at the one in the middle.





You can see more about this fake ushabti type here



For sake of completeness, some other  fake types offered on this sale>>>>




And yet more fake Egyptian amulets>>>>>