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This Ancient Egyptian Carved Sandstone Wall Fragment appeared on eBay .
They rather confindently declare it as 18th dynasty

If it is, the asking price is really very reasonable.


It's not 18th dynasty. It copies something which is 19th dynasty. What has inspired this rather lifeless, mechanical copy  is from the mortuary temple of king Seti I in Abydos, one of the most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt.


Very specifically it copies part of the upper scene on the west wall of the Second Hypostyle Hall, between the Chapels of Amen-Re and Re-Harakhti .




 It fails to copy any of the inscriptions are what is created on this fake is of course utter nonsense.

Someone got hold of this book!


It is pretty clearly not a freehand copy: someone probably used a pantograph.

Someone who visited this page informed the seller and sent images as proof but the seller said he had shown it to an expert etc etc etc... and has accepted a good offer .