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This posting appeared on the yahoo ancientartfacts group recently.


When some amused scepticism was expressed, the poster added....

 "these papyrus are actually genuine ancient we found them when building a new house instead my grandfather's old house"

If one looks on ebay........








....and  so on and so on...

Although said to have been involved in the  business of selling "antiquities" for well over t0 years  one wouldn't really expect Mr Sadigh to notice that many of his tourist souvenirs are inspired by well known artefacts.



Though these all appear in his website section called "cartonnage" they are copied from the very well known papyrus of Ani in the British museum.


This is the papyrus of Ani.


Below, from Mr Sadigh. If you have a look you will find many others.

Seen such as these sold on eBay?


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