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A spate of fake bronze lamps on eBay



 From  Ramon Jnr

3rd August 2006 7420447560   110009913144




More bronze lamps of the same manufacture 7415063983 legion_viii 7421039789 maximinus435 7421531385 victoriantiquities 7421203410 ancientempires 7420436630 draconarius_1 7418719087 victoriantiquities 7422081797 ancientempires





From alainD

16th August 06


Who saw this lamp..........





And then saw these.......




There are quite a few lamps  sold as antiquities on eBay which are replicas and imitations which have been worked on to make them look older.


  From David

31st July 07

This is a perfect example of the better- quality fakes which can easily fool curators, dealers and collectors and I thought other members might be interested.

The item has a very convincing surface and patina at first glance but the proportions and details of the lamp are wrong. The lamp is indeed old - but not nearly as old as you might think. In fact this lamp is a recorded 19th-century fake belonging to the Naples Group (named after a series of fake lamps made there from about 1870 up to the First World War).

It's not just the modern fakes that curators, dealers and collectors need to be aware of. Sadly, the older these fakes are, very often the more convincing they become. Time and time again I find undoubtedly old but nevertheless fake lamps proudly displayed in provincial museums or advertised in the catalogues of reputable dealers and auction houses. Thus, they can even acquire an impressive provenance over the years.

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