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  From Renate


26th January 2008



There's been another type of fake brooch on the market for some weeks
now - the simplistic figurines:

And another horse related fake:

The seller is  pax_centurius


The name of this fraudster is zlatan stevic.

I hope they're not made from modern pieces fixed on a true base. Some of
the pieces appear to be, but the base of all looks the same. So I hope
it's newly made, too.


Thanks for the alert.

It's amazing that a maker of fakes would place so many almost side by side on eBay even though it's obvious that they are all from the same "factory"

Same style (unknown!), same false patina.

But he  sells them all!



Seems you can order ones with spots too!



It seems possible...........

This one..........................

Very much like the silly fakes sold in great number a few years ago.

See here>>>>

This seller also does a good line in badly faked Villanovan pottery and assorted fantasies.


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