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28th January 2006

From the same seller as several other fakes, these the same time!!



Made in Eastern Europe.................last month?


4th March 2006

Remember the galley brooches from page one?

Advertised as  being rare.

Yet more from the same sellers.

And yet  another lion....







    From Ramon

7th March 2006


Twin horses



Twin broochs






Sold or for sale by the same disreputable dealer selling fake galleys,lions etc...etc as well as industrial fake Roman coins and artifacts from Serdica.   More to come.


13th March 2006

These fake brooches as above generally have an even dark grey or almost black patination hich does not look real.


What  about this one though?

And a really close up view too....

Which the sellers of fake seldom risk





I will show the "answer" in a week or two!


26th march 2006


The image is of "after".

And the image I have posted below is "before" !


 From Ramon

9th November 06

More  Lions 110049395784 260044899457 230047764909




   From rialtos

10th March 2006


And yet another!

One would think that inexperienced  buyers would  notice how many identical pieces were on eBay!


This seller often makes his pics very dark.

The close up is the pic lightened and with reduced gamma.

Then you can see the qualityof the surface.


In case you have not noticed, there are many further examples of this fake on this page.




From Ramon

4th April 2006

A new type of galley.     7398160331     6619684225






    From rialtos 

26th April 06

Say, now HERE's a handsome piece. Haven't seen anything like it. This week, that is.




6th July 06

Another from the same seller.

One would have thought that a sufficient number had appeared on eBay for potential buyers to have become suspicious.



26th August 06

Here are a few more of this sub-type fake from the same group of eBay sellers.


But look what I have found.

A genuine example!

But they are rare and they are small.

Only 22mm.

See here for this rare type of Roman boat brooch



26th August 06

Before finally closing this particular issue, something to cause consternation.

This offered at $1200 by an entirely reliable dealer.


And more recently, in 2014.



March 2011.

These rather seemed to disappear from the market for a few years but are now once again appearing. And another supposedly silver one (see the other on page 1 of this section) which looks wonderfully new.



By  the middle of 2011 these were back in supply, on eBay,  the exact same fakes, but now appearing as "replicas" or "reproductions".

 A lot of new collectors have been stung!



The same factory in the Balkans which made the fakes previously  widely sold are now making  these as well, but no longer trying to ass them off as genuine.


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A new variant of the fake galley brooch.>>>>