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Here is an example subjected to further technical investigation.

First, X-Rays....



You can immediately see that the head has been reattached and the arms have been also, as well as it having broken at the waist.


But we need to take this further.







Here is the certificate.




This piece which has been in my own collection for a very long time  is for sale if anyone is interested. SOLD now


I think new collectors will have gathered by this point in the exposition that genuine Tell Halaf figurines are not that all common on the market.

Here are another two x-Rayed.

This first one appeared to have been composed of genuine fragments but from different artefacts.

The second is one in the Brooklyn  Museum. 






A few more early in 2006.

The one at bottom right is interesting.

This seller usually specialises in fairly well crafted forgeries of Greek pottery.



25th February 2006

A couple more previously unrecorded types.




 From DuncanB

27th February 2006

....brings to our attention these fine specimens , called Tell Halaf figurines, from that purveyor of strikingly absurd so called ancient artifacts, hannbenm



2nd March 2006

The supply of these supposed artifacts seems endless.

All sellers affirm their aunthenticity.

My best guess is that perhaps  2% or 3% of these on the market are genuine.

This is not one of them!




On sale from a well known Manhattan antiquities dealer.

6th April 2006

SYRO HITTITE-IDOL (Northern Syria)

Clay Mother Goddess from Tel Halaf, seated with shortened legs, pointed head, pinched face, the arms to the waist, traces of black horizontal lines across the entire body. Minor age chips. 6" x 3"

4000 BC

$ 900

ITEM # 15482


The other is only



More and more ridiculous...


 From Aldo

23rd April 06

I submit the item number: 7407655204 as the fake of the week. I like very much the face. It looks like the smiling face icons. The figurine reminds me of my daughter's handycrafts when she was 6 years old.



2nd May 06

This one is offered on eBay but with the statement that it is a reproduction.

Hope that makes some newbies think!


24th May '10


Some years later.............!


I have the permission of the owner of this one which apeared on eBay 4 years ago , to put these photos here to document it.



Side by side with a genuine one:



Though this is by no means a defintitive indication!!



This one had such newly applied sand that the water droplet marks still showed.

And the paint fluoresces in UV light as well.



July 2012.

On eBay.

Looks kind of familar doesn't it?



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