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Items in category Pottery:
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4033. Good Amlash Grey-Ware dish
An interesting dish or bowl in Grey Ware and with extensive fine root marks. It is from an old coll...
495 GBP
5929. An ENORMOUS piece of ancient pottery
This is a very large  Eastern Anatolian Pre-Urartu terracotta vessel. 45.8cm 17 7/8 inc...
4750 GBP
6003. Very fine magical incantation bowl
I am selling this very fine magical incantation (or 'devil trap') bowl for a collector friend. ...
975 GBP
6002. Magical incantation bowl
Magical incantation bowl I am selling this magical incantation (or 'devil trap') bowl for a ...
425 GBP
4378. Superb Pre Urartian terracotta painted jar
An exceptionally fine and highly decorative Pre Urartian painted jar. Biconical with ring fo...
3750 GBP
5990. Rare Emir Ware 'pseudo-swastika' motif bowl.
Rare Emir Ware 'pseudo-swastika 'motif bowl. This is a VERY ancient piece! Five and a half th...
595 GBP
5207. **SOLD** Mesopotamian terracotta chariot
This fragmentary terracotta two wheeled chariot comes from my own collection.It is  slightly sm...
sold GBP
3072.** SOLD** Interesting and RARE Assyrian "Palace Ware"
An very unusual  type of pottery to find on the market. In a white and fairly thin fabric with ...
sold GBP

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