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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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4559. Magnificent Romano Celtic silver torc.
Magnificent and large silver Celtic torc in very good metal.This is a large and very imposing piece ...
950 GBP
4070. Han dynasty panels. JUSTABOUT GIVING AWAY!
I'm just about giving these away!I bought these in Hong Kong when passing through there several year...
From only 225 GBP
6026. Egyptian painted wooden sarcophagus fragment
A large, imposing Egyptian polychrome painted anthropoid wooden sarcophagus fragment with appli...
2350 GBP
5170. Very large and imposing Roman pot
A really large and imposing piece of Roman pottery A horizontally ribbed slightly bag shaped ...
435 GBP
4505. **SOLD** Fine and interesting inscribed Roman stele
This is a nicely mounted top portion of a marble funerary stele which has an interesting inscription...
sold GBP
4378. Superb Pre Urartian terracotta painted jar
An exceptionally fine and highly decorative Pre Urartian painted jar. Biconical with ring fo...
3750 GBP
3025. Enormous Early Bronze Age bowl
This is a really enormous terracotta bowl in burnished red slip ware typical of the Trans Jordanian ...
575 GBP
4778.**SOLD** Imposing and quite large Roman stone fragment .
A fairly large and rather imposing Roman stone fragment probably from a large funerary stele.Its pro...
sold GBP
5226. **SOLD** Very nice cartonnage fragment.
A good sized and well painted thin cartonnage fragment depicting a goddess, probably Maat but equall...
sold GBP
4781. A very large Early Bronze Age ledge handle jar
A large Early Bronze Age "pie crust" ledge handle jar of the Type 4 handle variety from Is...
825 GBP
790a. **SOLD** Magnificent and large Etruscan Bucchero Ware kyathos
This is a magnificent piece. It is an Etruscan funerary kyathos in Bucchero Ware. It dates to the mi...
sold GBP
5016. **SOLD** Very fine fragmentary Roman marble
A particularly nicely done fragmentary Roman marble statue.I�m pretty sure it would have been...
sold GBP
4777. **SOLD** Very attractive dark grey schist Gandharan carving
A very attractive dark grey schist Gandharan carving.A particularly well done piece, with a lovely s...
sold GBP
4312. VERY LARGE faience amulet of Bes
This is very large and imposing pale blue faience amulet of Bes.Intact.Suspension hole  though ...
625 GBP
4921. **SOLD** Large and very fine faience amulet of Sekhmet
A very attractive and large mottled deep apple-green faience amulet of the goddess Sekhmet seated on...
sold GBP
1211. **SOLD** RARE and LARGE "Abydos Ware" jug
A really imposing piece of pottery of the type called "Abydos Ware" which is not foun...
sold GBP
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