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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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5475. Three large fragmentary stamped mortarium rims.
Three large fragmentary stamped mortarium rims Said to have been found in Europe but several...
70 each GBP
5170. Very large and imposing Roman pot
A really large and imposing piece of Roman pottery A horizontally ribbed slightly bag shaped ...
435 GBP
5942. Nice North African Roman Redware dish
A nice North African Roman Redware dishIncised circle at centre. Lovely condition – intact ...
270 GBP
6017. Fine Roman Red Ware basin
A good sized basin in the typical Red Ware of Roman North Africa.Very fine condition.242mm / 9.5 inc...
345 GBP
1240. Unusual Roman North African pottery
This Roman North African Redware pottery is pretty plentiful on the market and I have hand...
185 GBP
1939. Nice Roman terracotta jug: very elegant shape.
A particularly nice example of this type of pottery, 'Roman North African Red Slip Ware' with a...
235 GBP
5194. Interesting and attractive Roman terracotta vessel
This is an unusual piece in a particularly thin and delicate pottery fine grained orange fabric ...
165 GBP
1722. **SOLD** Very fine and RARE Roman lamp with boxers
This a very good example of a rare type with a makers mark . A pair of fistfighters in animated...
sold GBP
1739. **SOLD** Complete and intact Roman glazed patera
This is unsual to find completely intact: a Roman terracotta straw glazed patera.Slight knock&n...
sold GBP
1665. **SOLD** RARE type of early Roman pottery
This type of pottery, called "thin walled ware" was produced mainly in Roman Republican ti...
sold GBP
944. **SOLD** LARGE Roman Red Gloss Ware basin with lid
Though it's unusual to find these basins with their lids, I did have a smaller one a few months...
sold GBP
2022. **SOLD** VERY LARGE Roman oil lamp
A very fine and very large Roman oil lamp with a good brownish slip with the makers name on the...
sold GBP
1879. **SOLD** Rare multi spout Roman oil lamp
This is a rare type, in areddish brown fabric, a strp handle and foive spouts.Intact.107mm x 90 mmRo...
sold GBP
691.**SOLD** RARE form of early Christian Roman lamp
The Chi Rho is the most common early Christian symbol on Roman North African red ware lamps but this...
sold GBP
1356. **SOLD** Fabulously decorated late Hellenistic lagynos
A really fantastic highly decorated lagynos with six little erotes involved in picking grapes a...
sold GBP
RP2.**SOLD** Extremely fine Roman North African red slip ware cup
This is an exceptionally fine piece. It is unchipped in any way and the surface is stunningly fresh ...
0.00 GBP
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