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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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Items in category SCARABS & SCARABOIDS:
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5917. **SOLD** Interesting and rare type of motto scarab
Interesting and rare type of motto scarab In a greenish grey faience, the signs say 'Venerat...
sold GBP
1861. Good SIP scarab with vestiges of glaze remaining.
A good steatite scarab, well cut and intact and showing some vestiges of green glaze in some of the ...
115 GBP
5555. Very large and interesting scarab
I recently sold one of this type of scarab: and like buses, when you are waiting a long while for on...
375 GBP
675. Interesting steatite scarab.
This steatite scarab defies my best endeavours to make sense of it. Would be interested in comm...
195 GBP
6038. *SOLD* Interesting, quite rare very small Middle Kingdom scarab
An interesting, quite rare very small Middle Kingdom scarab.These are referred to as 'rdi ra' type s...
sold GBP
5886. Two early Egyptian steatite cowroids: only one left
A very small steatite cowroid/scaraboidShowing a pair of arching lotus plants in between of whi...
From 65 GBP
5428. **SOLD** An extremely interesting scarab
An extremely interesting scarab made at a time of disunity in  Egypt.This finely made scar...
sold GBP
5986. A very rare type of Egyptian motto scarab
A very rare type of Egyptian motto scarab. The figures and  glyph are meant to read: ...
395 GBP
64. Interesting New Kingdom button type seal
This steatite button seal has a small area of damage on the back but is otherwise a very good exampl...
105.00 GBP
4036. Interesting Second Intermediate Period scarab
Quite an attractive scarab showing addorsed Red Crowns below a stylised lotus plant and above a neb....
145 GBP
4673. Interesting scarab with lotus flower back
This interesting steatite scarab has a rather roughly cut lotus flower on its back. Other t...
135 GBP
4553. Very well cut steatite cowroid.
This is a particularly well cut little steatite cowroid .The face shows Amun Re with the Re sig...
215 GBP
5956. Interesting New Kingdom steatite scarab
An interesting New Kingdom steatite scarab. Shows the reclining sphinx  which represents...
275 GBP
1996. Inexpensive steatite scarabs: only one left.
Some small Egyptian scarabs. All around 12mm - 15mm. All Second Intermediate Period, circ...
65 each GBP
1427. Fine Hyksos period scaraboid
A particularly nice Hyksos steatite scaraboid seal with the interlinking rope pattern.  Ve...
130 GBP
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