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Items in category Scarabs and scaraboids:
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4553. Very well cut steatite cowroid.
This is a particularly well cut little steatite cowroid .The face shows Amun Re with the Re sig...
175 GBP
5783. An unsual very small faience scarab
Very small faience scarab probably meant to be showing an ichneumon, a mongoose. Hole goes from o...
75 GBP
5926.**SOLD** A rare variant of a known scarab composition
An Egyptian steatite scarab  - a rare variant of a  known scarab  composition ...
sold GBP
5954. **SOLD** A very unusual scarab : head of Bes and Tilapia fish.
 A very unusual scarab showing the head of Bes , below which, a Tilapia fish. both moti...
sold GBP
4966. **SOLD** A very interesting steatite scaraboid plaque seal
A very interesting double sided steatite plaqueOne side shows the king as a recumbent crowned s...
sold GBP
1996. Inexpensive steatite scarabs: only one left.
Some small Egyptian scarabs. All around 12mm - 15mm. All Second Intermediate Period, circ...
65 each GBP
5886. Two nice Egyptian steatite cowroids.
A pair of Egyptian steatite cowroids. 14mm and 11mm. The larger which is probably New King...
From 60 GBP
1427. Fine Hyksos period scaraboid
A particularly nice Hyksos steatite scaraboid seal with the interlinking rope pattern.  Ve...
130 GBP
1935. Very fine 15th dynasty scarab
A very fine example of this type with a very good back as well.It illustrates the so caled "Hyk...
185 GBP
Message from Bron.
1776. **SOLD** Very good Second Intermediate Period cowroid seal
A fine SIP steatite cowroid showing a falcon headed deity holding a sceptre  between oppos...
Sold GBP
5985. **SOLD** A rare scarab: Sobekhotep IV
For the 13th dynasty king, Sobekhotep IV Reads: Kha Nefer Re Sobek Hotep 'The (very) appea...
sold GBP
5443. **SOLD** Extremely fine faience Thoth/Amun cryptographic scaraboid
An extremely fine faience Thoth / Amun cryptographic scaraboidUndoubtedly the finest I've ever seen....
sold GBP
5969. **SOLD** Rare type of Egyptian motto scarab
A rare motto scarab which  reads 'Amun  Re is my good guide' or alternatively, 'May ...
sold GBP
5988. Interesting and quite rare motto scarab
An interesting and quite rare motto scarab. It reads 'Re, Nubty (and) Bast  (give) prote...
235 GBP
5953. **SOLD** Scarab protection for pregnant woman
A nice scarab which might well have been worn on a thread around the wrist by a pregnant woman....
sold GBP
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