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Items in category Amulets:
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6015. Tiny faience cat amulets
Three rather delightful Egyptian faience cat amulets. Very tiny but with expressive faces! ...
From 55 GBP
5999 .Rare yellow faience Wedjat amulet.
Rare yellow faience Wedjat amulet. Yellow faience is rare. This small Eye of Horus is part...
145 GBP
**SOLD** Die Aegyptischen Objekt-Amulette Claudia Muller-Winkler : 5
Die  Aegyptischen Objekt-Amuletteby Claudia Muller-Winkler Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis Se...
sold GBP
4938. A fine blue faience Wedjat plaque
A fine blue faience single sided Wedjat  plaque.Nice detailing.Intact apart for a small ch...
375 GBP
5995. Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys
Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys A rather nice example with good detailing for this size ...
145 GBP
5662. A very small Egyptian faience amulet ? Mut.
A small Egyptian faience amulet Of whom? Could be Mut. 17mm Late Period, circa 500 BC.
45 GBP
5331. Very nice multiple Eye of Horus
A really very nice example of the multiple Eye of HorusIn an olive green faienceIntact28mm x 23mmThi...
295 GBP
4258. Rare black faience amulet of Ptaikos
A very fine amulet of the dwarf god Ptaikos in black faience which is very uncommon. I think tha...
325 GBP
5227. Imposing large faience Wedjat amulet
A large double sided Egyptian faience Wedjat amuletIn  a mottled blue faience.A particularly im...
190 GBP
4166. Faience amulet of Ptaikos
A good sized , double sided greeny blue faience amulet of the dwarf Ptaikos.Intact bar a small loss ...
145 GBP
5880. Superb and very rare amulet: Amun Re
A really superb and very rare amulet: Amun Re You will not come across such as this one very...
935 GBP
4480. A pair of rather nice faience Bes amulets ONLY ONE LEFT.
A pair of similar blue-green faience Bes amulets. Both have rather good backs which show his lion ta...
From 80 GBP
4485. Inexpensive dark green amulet of Isis.
This dark green faience amulet of the seated Isis nursing the infant Horus has lost the  front ...
65 GBP
4964. A VERY LARGE faience Wadjet amulet
An really enormous faience Wedjat eye of Horus amulet.In  a mottled bluish green.I think that t...
745 GBP
5377. A rather chunky blue faience Wedjat amulet
A rather chunky and robust bright blue faience Wedjat amuletApart from small surface ships on the ba...
225 GBP
5474. Fairly large glossy dark blue faience Wedjat amulet.
A fairly large glossy dark blue faience Wedjat amuletof slightly flattened form 30mmLate Period circ...
135 GBP
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