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Items in category CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEAS !!!:
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4322.**SOLD** Lovely wearable gold and glass Roman necklace.
This is a really attractive and very wearable ancient Roman glass bead necklace.It comprises co...
sold GBP
4638. A pair of fine Middle Bronze Age juglets.
A pair of rather elegant Late Middle Bronze Age buff ware juglets.Both intact.118mm and 158mm.Smalle...
From 195 GBP
5459. Necklace made up from Roman glass beads
This necklace made up from 25 striated blue and white Roman melon beadsWith blue Roman glass bead&nb...
390 GBP
5400. Exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklace
An exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklacewith an assortment of white, umber, cream a...
1125 GBP
5463. Superb necklace : rare yellow faience open-work Wedjat amulets.
A really superb necklace made up from 13 rare yellow faience open-work Wedjat amulets.Yellow faience...
1125 GBP
5860. Wearable ancient necklace
A really nice wearable necklace made up from 51 glass beads and 52 pierced bone discs. The g...
375 GBP
5462. Very interesting wearable necklace of faience Bes plaques
A necklace made up from 9 flat circular faience beads which have the head of Bes on one side and The...
425 GBP
Our book on Egyptian funerary cones: HALF PRICE - limited number!
I have a small box with  the last few of the books printed.HALF PRICE until all gone other than...
27.50 GBP
4337. Very large Roman oil lamp
A very large and imposing lamp even though the surface slip has been lost and it's quite worn.I...
395 GBP
4208. **SOLD** Lovely restrung necklace: Ptolemaic and Coptic
This necklace is made up from blue and umber brown composite Coptic faience beads and ten small blue...
5186.**SOLD** Lovely and wearable Roman gold and pearl necklace
A really lovely and wearable Roman gold and pearl necklaceTotally original and with  22 pearls ...
sold GBP
1429. Lovely pair of Roman gold club of Hercules earrings
A nice pair of Roman gold earrings, the pendants of which are  clubs of Hercules. The lower pen...
490 GBP
GIFT TOKEN ! A great idea for the antiquity in your life.
LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEA!  A GIFT TOKENThis certificate, the original of which if sen...
You choose GBP
4998. Good wearable silver Byzantine inscribed cross
Nice wearable silver Byzantine cross with inscription on one side. Fairly worn surface. Intact. 3...
250 GBP
1331. A good sized Trans-Jordanian pot with "dripslip" decoration
This type "drip slip" decorated pottery, with the typical dripped slip on the inner side o...
435 GBP
5231. **SOLD** Very nice pair of WEARABLE Roman gold earrings
An attractive wearable pair of Roman gold earrings with box shield containing a garnet and double pe...
sold GBP
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