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Main > EGYPTIAN > FAIENCE other than amulets. shabtis and scarabs
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Items in category FAIENCE other than amulets. shabtis and scarabs:
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4081. A pair of delicate faience Amarna beads.
This pair of very delicate faience beads are slightly damaged and repaired but are otherwise a good ...
From 25 GBP
5373.**SOLD**Egyptian mummy bead mask
Egyptian faience bead mummy maskThese type of masks were used (as you can see in the main photo) fro...
sold GBP
5901. Rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis
Very interesting and very rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis In a really lovely vibran...
495 GBP
5008. Faience inlay fragment : side of throne. Winkler collection.
A reasonably sized fragment part from a quite large inlaid faience decoration , this fragment b...
105 GBP
1740. **SOLD** VERY LARGE faience Djed: 109 mm !!
This is the largest faience Djed I've ever come across.In a light blue faience and totally intact.10...
sold GBP
1804. **SOLD** Striking large blue faience face plaque: ex Winkler collection
Very striking large blue faience face plaque from the collection of Professor Martin Winkler.&n...
sold GBP
4050a.**SOLD** Absolutely ENORMOUS faience Wedjat amulet
This is the largest faience Wedjat I have ever come across.85mm x 55mm !!Some damge and repair as yo...
sold GBP
650. **SOLD** Very fine Egyptian faience offering cup: Rameses III
This is a superb faience offering cup in a deep blue faience , completely intact and with only ...
sold GBP
1706. **SOLD** PUBLISHED 25th dynasty Royal lentoid plaque
A white faience lentoid plaque for the King Shabaka of the 25th dynasty.Substantially intact.57mm x ...
sold GBP

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