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5760. Nice Roman "tear bottle"
A nice Roman �tear bottle� (a total misnomer: nothing to do with collecting tears, that's a Vi...
110 GBP
5830. Inexpensive Roman glass bottle
An inexpensive Roman amber green coloured glass bottle with wide flaring neck There is a short crac...
85 GBP
5199. **SOLD** An unusual Roman glass flask
An unusual Roman glass flask with an extended tail.In a very lightweight glass and with a wonderful ...
sold GBP
739. Fine Roman glass vessel
A very fine Roman vessel in an almost completely colourless transparent glass with an everted double...
195 GBP
5182. A lovely shaped Roman glass bottle
A lovely shaped Roman glass bottleIn a pale transparent  green glass.Intact bar a tiny short ha...
175 GBP
4687. A pair of Roman glass bottles: only one now.
A pair of relatively inexpensive Roman glass. bottles.Intact.71mm SOLD and 108mm.Both 2nd/3rd centur...
95 each GBP
4913. Very elegant Roman glass bottle
This  pale green transparent Roman glass bottle is a particularly pleasing shape I think.The pr...
190 GBP
5650. Imposing, very large Roman glass candlestick unguentarium
A really quite imposing, large  Roman glass "candlestick" unguentarium Intact bar a sh...
395 GBP
4350. Nice Roman glass unguentarium
This quite large Roman  glass unguentarium is a particualrly nice delicate aquamarine blue...
145 GBP
5300. Small Roman glass bottle
A pair of particularly small Roman glass bottlesBoth intact.Both with a tinge of iridescence40mm and...
90 GBP
5731. **SOLD** First century Roman glass bottle
A very nice example of a particular type of Roman first century glass In a very delicate fabric wit...
sold GBP
5732. Nice sized Roman sprinkler bottle
Nice sized Roman sprinkler bottle Intact though a bit dirty: but would clean up if you wanted it mo...
295 GBP
4342. Lovely Roman glass inset of Medusa
This deserves being put back into a piece of jewellery: either in a ring bezel or perhaps in  p...
75 GBP
1801. Inexpensive Roman glass bottles
A  group of different small Roman glass bottles.A. 73mm 4th cent. .SOLD
54 each GBP
3016. Nice Roman glass unguentarium
This Roman glass unguentarium is full of sand  which creates a rather pleasing silvery effect. ...
135 GBP
5691. **SOLD** Roman glass vessel of lovely form and colour
A Roman glass vessel of lovely form and colour Intact 80mm high Roman 2nd-3rd century
sold GBP
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