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3048. A group of "Luristan" socketed arrowheads
An interesesting group of different types of socketed Western Asiatic bronze arrowheads between 30mm...
12 each GBP
558. **SOLD** Rare Celtic La Tene iron knife. 2nd cent BC
This is a La Tene iron cutlass with very well preserved metal. I have not seen such a well pres...
sold GBP
5875. **SOLD** Very nice Middle Bronze Age Canaanite 'Duck Bill' axe head
Nice Middle Bronze Age Canaanite 'Duck Bill' axe head The 'duck-bill' type axe was an innovation ...
sold GBP
4845. **SOLD** Very fine bronze Elamite axe head
A really very attractive Elamite type very early bronze axe head, of lovely flowing shape and with a...
sold GBP
5651. **SOLD** Very nice British Bronze Age Side-looped socketed spearhead
A particularly nice British Bronze Age Side-looped socketed spearhead. In  very go...
sold GBP
4492. Group of larger Luristan tanged arrowheads
Four larger long tanged bronze arrowheads from North West Persia and dating to around 800 BC.138mm t...
65 each GBP
4010. A group of good Luristan type arrowheads.
A good group of quite large bronze arrowheads from North West "Persia".Smallest is C ...
65 each GBP
4491. Group of Luristan type bronze arrowheads.
A group of small Bronze arrowheads all in nice condition.98mm to 68mm.All 55 except the smallest, w...
From 40 GBP
3049. A group of "Luristan" type tanged arrowheads: ONLY 2 LEFT
ONLY THREE LEFT NOW Another group of Western Asiatic bronze arrowheads, this time the tanged ty...
15 each GBP
5469. Luristan type bronze arrow heads
Three different Luristan type bronze arrow headsA. 25mm. 25B. 35mm 35C. 96mm  60All North We...
From 25 GBP
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