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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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4322.**SOLD** Lovely wearable gold and glass Roman necklace.
This is a really attractive and very wearable ancient Roman glass bead necklace.It comprises co...
sold GBP
5400. Exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklace
An exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklacewith an assortment of white, umber, cream a...
1125 GBP
5436. Quite rare Roman double portrait intaglio
A lovely and quite rare Roman gryllos type double portrait jasper intaglioShows a young and older be...
575 GBP
5241. **SOLD** A very attractive wearable Roman gold ring.
An unusual and very attractive Roman gold ring. An elegantly shaped tapered hollow gold band ...
sold GBP
4555. **SOLD** Lovely pair of Roman gold earrings
A very attractive pair of Roman gold earrings of inverted lunar crescent or flat boat shape for...
This Roman gold ring with a bezel which holds a shaped semi-translucent colourless stone.Has be...
sold GBP
5897.**SOLD** Nice wearable Roman silver ring - green enamelling
 A very nice wearable Roman silver ring with green enamelling inlay Nice decoration on ...
sold GBP
5912. **SOLD** Really attractive Roman ring - wearable
A nice wearable Roman bronze ring with a really nice green glass intaglio showing several bi...
sold GBP
5706. Chunky bronze Roman ring
A chunky Roman  bronze ring. Has been cleaned and to reveal the copper alloy metal Mu...
75 GBP
5707. Solid silver Roman ring
Solid silver Roman ring. A very wearable rind in good metal. Bezel lightly engraved w...
175 GBP
5902. **SOLD** Roman silver lunar crescent pendant - wearable
A particularly nice, good sized  Roman silver lunar crescent pendant such as worn by d...
sold GBP
5895. Simple but attractive wearable silver Roman ring
A simple but rather attractive wearable silver Roman ring Typically 3rd century band shape ...
195 GBP
5869. **SOLD** Very attractive wearable Roman ring
A really very attractive and eminently wearable silver ring with lovely intaglio. Typical 3r...
sold GBP
5160. Nice wearable Roman bronze ring
A nice wearable Roman bronze ring, the metal bezel of which showing a leaping lion.UK size M, USA si...
115 GBP
5231. **SOLD** Very nice pair of WEARABLE Roman gold earrings
An attractive wearable pair of Roman gold earrings with box shield containing a garnet and double pe...
sold GBP
4720. **SOLD** Really lovely pair of wearable Roman gold earrings
A beautifully made pair of large Roman gold earrings with the original and slightly iridescent glass...
sold GBP
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