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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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5824. A nice faience Djed amuet
A  particularly nice green faience Djed amulet Intact. 28mmLate Period, circa 500BCThe djed pil...
145 GBP
4890. Charming small stone bull amulet
A charming  and rare little Egyptian black hard stone amulet of a bull.Really very nicely made ...
625 GBP
1537. Fine and large faience amulet of Taweret.
A nice and large  and glossy blue faience amulet of Taweret.Intact except for a  smal...
295 GBP
4166. Faience amulet of Ptaikos
A good sized , double sided greeny blue faience amulet of the dwarf Ptaikos.Intact bar a small loss ...
125 GBP
4261. Nice chunky blue faience papyrus sceptre amulet
This is quite a "chunky"  example of this type of amulet of the Wadj payrus sceptre.I...
75 GBP
5734. Imposing faience Wadjet plaque
Fairly large and imposing faience Wadjet amuletic plaque Nice glossy green faience 30mm x 25mm La...
395 GBP
5901. Rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis
Very interesting and very rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis In a really lovely vibran...
475 GBP
5774. Very cheap faience amulet of Shu.
Very inexpensive bluish green faience amulet of Shu. Somewhat damaged as you can see. 19mm ...
30 GBP
4096. Large faience amulet of Thoeris.
This is quite a large and imposing pale green faience amulet of Thoeris otherwise called Taweret in&...
245 GBP
5995. Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys
Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys A rather nice example with good detailing for this size ...
175 GBP
5678. Particularly fine little light blue faience amulet of Isis
A particularly fine little light blue faience amulet of Isis With really very good detailing I...
295 GBP
4083. Nice double sided faience Ptaikos amulet
A rather nice example of this fairly common amuletic  form Ptaikos in his the dwarf incarn...
190 GBP
1570. Nicely detailed faience amulet of Harpokrates
A nicely detailed little faience amulet of Harpokrates with the side-lock of youth and his fing...
120 GBP
5641. Egyptian lapis lazuli lotus amulet beads.
Small Egyptian lapis lazuli lotus amulet beads. Very nicely made and with tiny holes in the suspens...
155 each GBP
4358. Nice small light blue faience amulet of Taweret
A nice light blue faience amulet of the strange hippopotamus headed goddess Taweret (Thoeris) who wa...
130 GBP
4821. Charmingl little light blue faience amulet of Sekhmet
A rather charming small faience amulet of the seated Sekhmet.Nice detailing for one of this diminuti...
220 GBP
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