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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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1008. **SOLD** Roman-Phoenician weight
A Roman-Phoenician weight with an incrscription. Probably a half libra weight. It weighs 161.3g. 70 ...
sold GBP
1329. **SOLD**Two Roman military diploma fragments
Two fragments found in Eastern Europe.A. 4 lines. 28 mm x 26 mmB. 3 lines and reverse. 30 mm x 20 mm
sold GBP
1290.**SOLD** One of the most superb Roman lamps I've ever seen
This is some lamp! A superb and very large terracotta lamp showing  a winged Victory by an alta...
sold GBP
1129. **SOLD**Extremely fine Roman lamp mould
An extremely fine gypsum Roman oil lamp mould in superb condition ( couldn't have been used to ...
sold GBP
965a. **SOLD** A very rare motif for Roman intaglios
This semi translucent and quite large intaglio shows a rare motif: an elephant. and what a lovely se...
sold GBP
**SOLD** Stunning Roman silver ring with wonderful nicolo intaglio of Mars
I would definitely have kept this ring for myself if it had fitted me! A handsome  ring in good...
sold GBP
RB118.**SOLD** Fragmentary Thracian Roman cavalry belt
This is the buckle, buckle plate, and a portion of the belt from a Roman Thracian cavalry belt. I...
sold GBP
What do you think?
What do you think? From the pics alone...... Real or fake? This might be a trick question! :o...
not for sale GBP
988.**SOLD** Really nice fragmentary Roman terracotta head
This is a pleasing fragmentary Roman terracotta head of a lady. Lovely scrisp condition. 68 mm Th...
sold GBP
RP2.**SOLD** Extremely fine Roman North African red slip ware cup
This is an exceptionally fine piece. It is unchipped in any way and the surface is stunningly fresh ...
0.00 GBP
L623.**SOLD** Interesting Roman two nozzled lamp
This is an unusual double nozzled lamp where the handle is a folded acanthus leaf. The discus shows ...
**SOLD**RB245. Rare roman SILVER pocket tool
  This is a rare SILVER, a pocket tool which incorporates a small saw, a small pic...
0.00 GBP
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