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Items in category NEAR EAST & WESTERN ASIATIC:
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4027. Good "Luristan" type bronze arrowheads : Only one left
From the same collection as the other small group I offered a week or so ago.All in good metal ...
65 each GBP
5437. **SOLD** Attractive black stone cylinder seal
An interesting and attractive black stone cylinder seal - probably Cappadocian.   Ab...
sold GBP
5421. **SOLD** Interesting black stone Old Babylonian cylinder seal
An interesting black stone Old Babylonian cylinder seal showing the naked goddess to the side of a p...
sold GBP
4935. Unusual white faience head amulet
An unusual cream white faience flat backed head pendant with suspension hole vertically.Some damage ...
125 GBP
3048. A group of "Luristan" socketed arrowheads
An interesesting group of different types of socketed Western Asiatic bronze arrowheads between 30mm...
12 each GBP
4811. **SOLD** Charming Mesopotamian trussed piglet amulet
A really charming little black stone amulet of a trussed piglet. Intact. Unpierced. L...
sold GBP
5183. **SOLD** Attractive red stone Neo-Assyrian stamp seal
A nice red stone Neo-Assyrian conoid stamp sealShowing an animal looking back and crescent above.Int...
sold GBP
4845. **SOLD** Very fine bronze Elamite axe head
A really very attractive Elamite type very early bronze axe head, of lovely flowing shape and with a...
sold GBP
1619a. Lovely pair of Phoenician/Levantine gold earrings
Levantine/Phoenician gold earrings Simple gold earrings of this shape, often referred to as ...
345 GBP
5215. **SOLD** Pair of Old Babylonian haematite weights.
A pair of Old Babylonian 2 shekel haematite weights The haematite weights can be placed fairly ac...
sold GBP
5610. **SOLD** Charming white marble head from a Kilia idol
A rather charming white marble head from a Kilia idolBroken off from the body at the neck as the vas...
sold GBP
3034. Very fine Mesopotamian type alabaster bowl
This is a very fine example of the early type of thin walled translucent alabaster bowls manufacture...
475 GBP
1943. Nice Western Asiatic bronze pin
A rather chunky  bronze pin in good metal with quite a nice green patina.Intact.188mmThese were...
105 GBP
4492. Group of larger Luristan tanged arrowheads
Four larger long tanged bronze arrowheads from North West Persia and dating to around 800 BC.138mm t...
65 each GBP
4491. Group of Luristan type bronze arrowheads.
A group of small Bronze arrowheads all in nice condition.98mm to 68mm.All 55 except the smallest, w...
From 40 GBP
4459. Stone amulet of the head of the demon Pazuzu
A white stone, probably marble, amulet of the head of the demon Pazuzu.Fairly worn.Drilled top to bo...
175 GBP
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