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Items in category Amulets:
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5904. Very fine pale green amulet of Khnum
A very fine glossy pale green  amulet of Khnum A good  size at 32mm Intact T...
335 GBP
5872. Three inexpensive faience wedjat amulets
 Three inexpensive faience wedjat amulets All single sided, all intact. 18.5mm. Dar...
From 40 GBP
5893. **SOLD** Lovely amulets, the sisters Isis and Nephthys.
Isis and Nephthys were the mythological sister deities and this pair have been together since t...
sold GBP
5493. Nice feldspar amulet: Wadj papyrus
A nice mottled green and brown feldspar amulet of the Wadj papyrus   Intact &nbs...
225 GBP
4615. Nice glossy blue faience amulet of Taweret.
Though missing her feet this glossy blue faience amulet of Taweret is a good one.36mm.Late Peri...
95 GBP
5177. A pair of good faience Wedjat amulets.
A pair of good faience Wedjat amulet.The larger one is rather larger than this type is usually found...
From 195 GBP
4465. Large ithyphallic faience amulet.
This is a type of faience amulet that was never actually glazed but rather painted. There ar...
425 GBP
4419. Light green faience Bes amulet
A rather nice squatting faience Bes amulet which though he has lost his feather plumes is sharply de...
125 GBP
1537. Fine and large faience amulet of Taweret.
A nice and large  and glossy blue faience amulet of Taweret.Intact except for a  smal...
275 GBP
1584. Lapis blue Egyptian faience Bes amulet
This is an amulet of Bes in a lapis blue colored faience not lapis. The colouring is deliberately mi...
150 GBP
5775. Inexpensive small light green faience amulet of Shu
A very inexpensive small light green faience amulet of Shu Intact 11mm Late Period cir...
40 GBP
4214. Charming faience Ptaikos
Although this green faience amulet of Ptaikos has lost his right arm he is a good size and has an es...
130 GBP
5881. Nice small amulet of Nephthys.
A small light blue glossy faience of Nephthys. The faces of amulets of this diminutive size a...
185 GBP
5879. **SOLD** Charming little faience cat amulet
A really cute little faience cat amulet representing Bastet.  Intact Only 11mm high...
sold GBP
5109. Quite rare faience amulet of Nefertum
A decent sized blue faience amulet of Nefertum.  Has the suspension hole through the back ...
250 GBP
4821. Charmingl little light blue faience amulet of Sekhmet
 A rather delightful little light blue faience amulet of the goddess Sekhmet seated ho...
225 GBP
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