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Items in category Amulets:
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5774. Very cheap faience amulet of Shu.
Very inexpensive bluish green faience amulet of Shu. Somewhat damaged as you can see. 19mm ...
25 GBP
4809. VERY rare amulet: muliple Nefertum
This rare amulet type , in a greenish blue faience, shows no less than seven little figures of the g...
295 GBP
4651. Inexpensive open-work faience Wedjat amulet
An inexpensive brown faience open-work Wedjat amulet.Cheap as it has been repaired and there is also...
50 GBP
5367. Cute little faience amulet of a cat
A rather cute little greenish brown faience amulet of a catIntact.Only 10mm highLate Period circa 50...
75 GBP
4640. Small open-work multiple Wadjet amulet
Two open-work blue faience Wedjat amulets of very diminutive size. 10mm and 8mm.Third Intermediate P...
35 GBP
3063. **SOLD** Charming little SILVER amulet of Harpokrates
These Harpokrates amulets with a loop on the back are not all that uncommonly found in bronze, but t...
sold GBP
4484. Rarer type of Third Intermediate Period fiaence wedjat amulet
This rather chunky form of the wedjat  amulet in a blue green faience with added black detailin...
115 GBP
4326. Nice faience amulet "Eye of Horus"
A nice deep blue single sided faience wedjat amulet with added detailing in black as was done i...
85 GBP
5652. **SOLD** Fine Egyptian gold fish amulet bead
A fine Egyptian gold fish amulet bead A rather  charming little thing in solid gol...
sold GBP
1978. Very fine faience amulet of Nephthys
This very fine blue faience amulet of Nephthys is inexpensive as she has unfortunately lost the midd...
170 GBP
5735. Deep blue double sided faience Wedjat amulet
A very deep blue double sided faience Wedjat amulet with incised details. Intact 19mm Third Inter...
135 GBP
4358. Nice small light blue faience amulet of Taweret
A nice light blue faience amulet of the strange hippopotamus headed goddess Taweret (Thoeris) who wa...
125 GBP
4261. Nice chunky blue faience papyrus sceptre amulet
This is quite a "chunky"  example of this type of amulet of the Wadj payrus sceptre.I...
90 GBP
5725. Nice Egyptian amulets of Thoth
A pair of small Egyptian amulets of Thoth In a glossy blue faience Both intact. Larger: 29mm 17...
160 each GBP
5726. A slightly unusual faience Wedjat amulet
An unusual glossy deep blue faience Wedjat amulet Unlike the blue and black Wedjats amulets of the...
85 GBP
4279b. Very nice, rather uncommon, Egyptian standing ape amulet
A rather chaming mid blue faience standing ape.One doesn't come across this type all that often...
315 GBP
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