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Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

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4424. **SOLD** Egyptian bronze mongoose amulet case

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This rather charming bronze statue contained the mummified remains of a mongoose within the hollow rectangular base open on one side and was an amuletic device to protect against snakes.

The ichneumon (mongoose) was revered for its ability to kill snakes and crush crocodile eggs. Together with the shrew-mouse, it was regarded as the animal manifestation of the sun god Horus at Letopolis in the Delta. The ichneumon also became a sacred animal of the lion-headed goddess Wadjet as a result of religious developments of the Late Period. As an amulet it was thought to give protection, probably against snakes. 

From the Late Period onwards many mongoose figurines were cast in bronze, but it is often difficult to distinguish them from representations of shrews.

See the photo taken from Petrie's book. I still believe this one is a mongoose not a shrew mouse even though he has a rather long snout.

Intact; some metal showing at one side at rear.

Light green matte patina.

63mm long. 28m high.

Egyptian Late Period, circa 500 BC

Price: sold GBP

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