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4497a. **SOLD** Very large and very fine Achaemenid bronze bracelet,

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I had another very similar bronze bracelet a few months ago: this one is even finer. It is from the same collection as the other one.

Bronze bracelets in this form, essentially Achaemenid, were made all over the western Asiatic region in the mid first millennium BC.

This one with rather nice lion head finials is in really lovely metal, with a splendid smooth glossy brown patina with areas of red cuprite as well.

It is as large a bracelet of this type as I've ever come across. 90mm with an internal diameter of 70mm. It is heavy; weighs 254g !

All in all it's the  nicest such large bronze bracelet I've ever come across.

North West Asia, Achaemenid era, circa 5th century BC

Price: sold GBP

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