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4834. Mittanian Faience cylinder seal

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An interesting blue faience cylinder seal showing stylised figures holding staffs or sceptres or perhaps weapons

Such seals were found in Bronze Age Age Tombs at Tell Beit Mirsim.

These seals which must have been very brightly coloured when made, characteristically have simple repetitive patterns showing stylised figures and sometimes winged griffins and horned animals.

The site was excavated by W F Albright in the 1920s and 30s and strata from the Early, Middle and Late Canaanite periods and the Israelite period were uncovered.

There is here some black and white film footage of the early expeditions.

These types of seals are often incorrectly called "Canaanite".


20mm x 10mm.

Mittanian, Middle Bronze Age circa II, 13th/14th century BC.

Ex Israeli collection.

Price: 195 GBP

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