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4910.**SOLD** Fine Romano-Egyptian comb

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Although common in the Predynastic Period, the comb was not used in Pharaonic Egypt and returned to use only under Roman occupation.

The Romans introduced into Egypt the fashion of wearing combs as part of elaborate hairstyles or indeed in wigs.

It is thought by  some authorities that the finer toothed side was used to comb out hair nits and fleas.

This example of a double sided  wooden comb  is reasonably typical of an mid Imperial comb.

It is swell nigh impossible to determine whether one is early or late and even some Medieval and Islamic combs can look much the same though later examples are more likely to be decorated. Egyptian Coptic combs of around the 5th to 7th centuries very often  have simple dot in circle decoration.

This one has been repaired at the centre as you can see in the photos. Most of the teeth are however intact. The wood is in very good stable condition.

138mm x 85mm

From an Israeli collection and said to have been  found in Egypt.

Roman-Egyptian, circa 2nd/3rd century.

Price: sold GBP

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