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5207. **SOLD** Mesopotamian terracotta chariot

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This fragmentary terracotta two wheeled chariot comes from my own collection.

It is  slightly smaller but the same in overall form as  the one in the Louvre.

which is described as

Period of the Amorite dynasties, 2000-1595 BCE

The other main type found on the market is the four wheeled North Syrian type of similar date.

The motifs shown there are the  Moon god Sin,  the standard, the solar disk (Shamash) and the Lion standards.  And I possibly  there is a ziggurat below.

It has not been TL tested but I can arrange that at a cost of 250.

I would reimburse the cost if it failed the TL test and take it back of course with some embarrassment!

125mm high 

Mesopotamian circa 1800 BC: even before Hammurabi

Acquired in the early 1970s.

Price: sold GBP

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