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5211. **SOLD** Egyptian funerary cone for a man called Suti.

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An  Egyptian funerary cone for Suti, Overseer of Works at the Temple of Amun in Luxor.

4 lines of horizontal text stamped on flat end.


Im3hy hr Wsir, imy-r kat n Imn m Ipt-rsyt Swty m3'-hrw,

'The Revered one before Osiris, the overseer of works of Amun at Ipet-resyt (= Luxor temple), Suti , true-of voice'

Davies/Macadam 'Corpus of inscribed funerary Cones No. 408;

Dibley/Lipkin 'Compendium of Egyptian Funerary Cones pp.133 and 252;

 'Die Verwaltung des Hauses des Amun in der 18. Dynastie, Studien zur Altagyptischen Kultur Beiheft 7, Eichler

You may be interested to know that of the published  corpus only 32% of cone texts  mention Osiris and end in  "True of voice"

To obtain that sort of information you wil need to buy a copy of our  book!

End broken off.

130mm x 75mm

Ex UK collection

Purchased in1977 from Sayed Molattam, Luxor.

New Kingdom 18th Dyn , reigns of Thutmose IV - Amenhotep III

Price: sold GBP

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