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5235. **SOLD** Egyptian New Kingdom blue painted pottery shards

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Some shards of Egyptian New Kingdom blue painted pottery.

Joined together these six fragments, which form part of the curved wall of a vessel , probably a storage jar, is approx 100mm across.

Paint has faded somewhat.

Egyptian New Kingdom, 18th dynasty.

Ex named UK collection.

Painting on Egyptian pottery is uncommon before the New Kingdom but flourishes appears in the late 18th Dynasty, especially in the reign Amenhotep III and his son Akenaten but continues to be well documented  in the  reign of  Ramesses II.

Painted vessels can be colourfully decorated  in blue, red, and black pigments with floral motifs using cobalt blue and other mineral pigments mined from the eastern desert area of Egypt, particularly AT the Dakhleh Oasis.

These vessels were not your everyday containers and would originally have contained luxury liquids such as wine. 

The blue pigments have been identified by XRF as two distinct different pigments, Egyptian blue and cobalt blue. Given the restricted use of the blue paint, it probably was available only to artisans associated with major royal residences.

Price: sold GBP

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